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Kind words from clients

“Coaching with Jill gave me the encouragement, the confidence boost, the push I needed to start really SEEING my value. Few people in my life have been able to create the impact she has.”

–Christopher M., Senior Manager Strategic Marketing

“After coaching with Jill, I am more confident in my interaction with executives. Once I was able to let go of old beliefs, my confidence and my success rate soared.”

–Cori S., Entrepreneur

“Working with Jill—in just 7 sessions—REALLY legitimately helped me achieve more peace, more space in my head, and more capacity to do the things I love.”

–Jennifer K., Director of Global Digital Experience

“Jill challenged me to develop new ways of seeing myself as a leader. I moved out of my comfort zone, gained the confidence to manage more effectively, and as a result, elevated my team’s productivity.”

–Sarah F., Senior Manager Operations

“Jill has an amazing way of driving the conversation forward and avoiding circular discussions and thoughts. After every session you feel as though you have moved.”

–Mike M., Senior Customer Success Manager

“Two months after the coaching engagement ended, I feel like just about every day I put into practice the things Jill and I worked on.”

–Cathy T., Vice President Analytics & Data Science