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In-Person and Virtual Learning Workshops

Searching for an engaging and interactive learning workshop or webinar for an upcoming leadership team meeting? We can partner to customize a program specifically designed for your team’s needs, or choose one of the options below already road-tested by world-class organizations. (If you want to know which ones, just ask.)

Raising the Bar @ Every Level

Identify behaviors that demonstrate “elevated leadership” in three key contexts:

  • Across the organization
  • With peers and executives
  • As a team leader

Demystify executive presence and learn how to demonstrate its core characteristics

“My key takeaways from the workshop were as follows: Executive presence is not reserved for the C-suite. It’s a journey, it’s a choice, it’s an evolution, it’s a practice.”

How to Spot and Support Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

Demonstrate that mental health is prioritized by leadership.

  • Learn tools and tactics to manage stress and support your own mental health

  • Improve mental health literacy and proficiency

  • Improve awareness of mental health benefits and resources

  • Learn how to support others 

“I loved the workshop leader and her personality. I want to be like her when I grow up.”

The Power of Perspective to Improve Performance

Improve your team’s performance and collaboration. They will:

  • Gain awareness and agency over your thoughts and actions
  • Learn how to contribute to a collaborative environment
  • Understand how our differences drive our success

“I really appreciated Jill’s energy! It made the presentation, and it was easy to stay engaged and interested.”

Becoming “Indistractable”

Understand the causes of distraction and learn:

  • Tools and tactics so you can master your attention and focus
  • How to prioritize your time to meet your personal and professional goals
  • Not how to say “no” to your leader, but how to help your leader say “no” to projects and activities that are not strategic priorities

“I like the step-by-step, straightforward direction for applying concepts with repetition and practice.”

Pursuing Your Pinnacle Position

Give your team tools to plan the next phase of their career and time to outline the steps to get there.

  • Harness your internal mental processes
  • Mine for answers
  • Seek support and plan for action

“Jill was clearly listening when we spoke. That’s kind of rare in a presenter—especially online.”